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[HELP] Server won't update
I try to update my dod:source server but it still shows

Quote:Your server needs to be restarted in order to receive the latest update.

here's my server version:

Quote:version : 5253 secure

and here is my update parameter:

Quote:./steam -command update -verify_all -game dods -dir .

I've seen a topic it talks about version is "version : 5253 secure", so I wounder that my server version is out of date?

Anyway, I also try to create a new folder for new dod:s and update all files but it still shows the message too

I also try to do this on my linux server and windows 2k8 server both of them show same message server neeeds to be restart..

Please someone kindly help
so no one has answer?

even srcds team???

I try to setup dod:s server on different host and it still can't be updated!!!!!!!!!!

so is it my location problem?
i have same problem.
Guys i can help Wink But i only did this for CSS WINDOWS. Desmond add me on steam "mikkel2208".

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