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Ingen Kan Joina min Server!
Hej Har Ficksat En Srcds server nu bara det ingen kan joina den ?! snälla hjälp Sad
Help pz!
Alright mate.

If we compare a gameserver to real life, what you are trying to do is to make your friends walk through a locked door. It cannot be done (unless you are fat and fearless).

First of all you need to allow srcds.exe through your firewall. Search on the homeserver 'firewall' and make sure srcds.exe is set to allow connection.

Next step is to forward your router ports.
You can find help to forward the ports on your specific router on youtube, or

Quote:You need to forward these:
TCP/UDP 27000 to 27050
UDP 3478 to 4380

If you now start your server, and type 'status' you will se an IP most likely like this 192.168.x.x og 10.0.x.x
These are not connectable to anyone outside of your home network. They need to connect your EXTERNAL IP.

That IP can be found on fx

If the IP you read out from the myip-website is fx, then all you have to do, is to set the GAME SERVERS PORT which you can see by typing 'status' in the game-console of srcds. This will leave you with fx and THAT is the ip your friends can connect to.

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