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Running Multiple Servers On The Same Server
I've posted on here with the PowerShell tools I made for managing games using HldsUpdateTool (FusiblePlug) and SteamCMD (Condenser) and at least one person liked it. He/She had a reasonable request which I need more information about to fulfill.

When people are running multiple servers on the same machine, how do they do it?

The information I've found is little and varied. I'd appreciate any details on what the "standard" may be.
Its not hard!! I do it all you do is install the files, add what you need and use different ports for each server.
Thanks for the reply.

So if people are running, say, five TF2 servers do they run the all five instances of the server from the same shared files?

If they're running multiple servers for different Source games do they have a different directory for the different game files?

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