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Help opening a CSS server to the public

I have recently set up a css server, but I am having some trouble allowing others to join the server.

When they try to join they get the following error message:
Server is not responding.

I can join the server and it runs without problems.

Server ip: - using static ip
I have opened for DMZ-host on IP so I should not have to forward ports, I can't forward them to the DMZ ip anyway.

I am runnning the server on win7

If you need any other info please shout it out.
Thanks for any help.

Edit: When typing +ip -port 27015 in the srcds launch parameters it returns with Could not open port, or something in those lines.
Edit2: Now it didnt return the error when launching with said parameters.

Ok start off with anything that starts with 192.168 is a big no no thats ur lan ip

1. if you seeing this server on a lan then its using a 192.ip "ie" and will not work for any one but you for any but you
2. are you running a firewall on you home server.? if so you may need to allow this through the firewall.
3. you need open up ports from port 27000-27015
4. do look up on what is you ip by going here
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RustedNut.UK - Hosting Solution

Swapping the launch parameters from +ip -port 27015
to +ip -port 27015 gives the error: could not allocate any IP ports.

And I should not have to forward any ports because I am linked to the DMZ host port


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