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Dedicated Server Specs, Need your opinion
CPU Intel Xeon Quad Core E3-1220, 3.1 GHz, 8MB Smart Cache
HDD 2 * 500GB SATA
Connectivity 100Mbps dedicated network connection

would like to know what your opinions are on how many servers i could run on this?

I'm aiming for atleast 4x32 slot tf2 servers would this be possible? Maybe more?

Yeah cant see why not m8 all tho keep an eye on the cpu .. but i think you will be ok
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nice, thanks mate...

how far do you think i could push it? like, whats the max you think i could run?

also, where would the bottleneck be? CPU? RAM?

thanks for the reply
i would keep it at what you have now for the time being and see how you go give them running how you want be for adding anymore servers....

as for bottleneck its i would say CPU, + what i can say is 8gb of ram isnt much these days for gaming more servers up put up more ram is eats

just on aside note one of our MvM servers its eating something like 340MB
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RustedNut.UK - Hosting Solution

thanks for the info mate

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