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Excessive tickdrop from 66 to 4 with SourceBans?

My two servers (HH9 and GG) has been running fluently for the last few
months, but recently I decided to add SoruceBans to keep track of the
admins banning people.

However, this has resulted in huge tickdrop appearing unpredictably on
both servers.

Before it was added, both servers ran awesome. Now I installed Source-
Bans, and they tickdrop, so SourceBans must be the problem.

I have not done anything to the gameservers, but to add the GameServer
files that come with sourcemod, and ofc add the MySQL to Databases.cfg.

I have run SourceBans on several servers before, but this time it fails.

The servers are hostet on Linux Ubuntu Server 12.10, with 8 GB of 1600
MHz Ram, QuadCore i5 2500.

If some of you have experienced this before, let me know.

I hope you know the problem :-)

have to say not come across this at all and i run over 208 servers and have this on all of them

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It might be something else then I guess.. But it came just after I installed SourceBans, and before that, the servers had run fluently for over two months.

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