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SCRDS Problem with connection.
Hello. In first sorry for my bad English ;>

I have an little problem:

I see my serwer in /LAN/ but i can't connect to him ;<

[Image: konsolak.jpg]

[Image: kreski.png]

[Image: serwerw.png]

Ah, and i have 100% legal STEAM ;>
you need to open ur ports bud see here for more help
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I'm pretty new with that, can u said me what i need to wrote there?:

[Image: pentaq.png]

I tried to do something by myself, but still wasn't work :

[Image: srcds.jpg]

from port 27000-27030
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I think maybe this isn't a problem with router. You want connect over LAN, not Internet. Try connect directly over cs:s console (connect if your LAN's ip is permament). If it will not work give output from status command in SRCDS and server.cfg file.
1. if you seeing this server on a lan then its using a 192.ip "ie" and will not work any one but you for any but you
2. you need open up ports from port 27000-27015
3. are you running a firewall on you home server.? if so you may need to allow this through the firewall.
4. do look up on what is you ip by going here

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OK, I and my friend do it ;-) Thread to close, big thx for help

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