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L4D2 Server Help Needed
-Note- I have posted this on both steam forums and another. The post from them is below with modifications as requested -


I am just starting out at running a L4D2 server as I was bored, I have this weird bug (Possible feature?) that I would like help sorting out if possible).

The server works fine, installed fine and plays rounds just fine. Absolutely no bugs at all apart from:
When I'm asleep or at college the server has 0 players online. As soon as I login to the server all of the other 3 slots fill up within 10 minutes. Normally instantly.

My question is why is this? I'm assuming once I connect directly the game starts and valve send people via the quick match system. Is it possible to get connections all the time (e.g auto starting or a bot to fill the other slots up?)

I checked valves host server thing and it shows fine and that it is a Success.

Server Details: VPS Dedicated for L4D2 server (512MB Ram, 1 Core, Unlimited Bandwidth , 20GB SSD).
Running Ubuntu 12.04 x32 (Whats the point in running a 32bit game server on 64 Bit?). Resources are fine, load average never goes over 1 and memory has about 50-100MB Free.

Thanks in advanced -

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