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[Windows] Start your SRCDS CSS with random map using "SRCDS Guardian 3.0"
Hey all,

I noticed that TF2 has a cvar called 'randommap' that will make your server start with a random map.

I'm using SRCDS for CSS with SRCDS Guardian 3.0 and I added some code in the top of that .bat file so that my server also would start with a random map, chosen from the map directory.

Maybe some of you want to use this also.
This is the code I added at the top of the script:

:: keep window clean
@echo off
:: set map directory
set mapDir=C:\srcds\css\cstrike\maps
:: set mapcount
set mapCount=0
:: needed for variable update in for loop
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
:: loop the maps
for %%g in ("%mapDir%\*.bsp") do (
    :: put mapnames in pseudo-array prefixed with "MAP_"
    set MAP_!mapCount!=%%~ng
    :: increase mapcounter
    set /a mapCount+=1
:: get random mapId using modulus
set /a mapId="%random% %% mapCount"
:: get mapName by mapId
set mapName=!MAP_%mapId%!

Just make sure that "set mapDir=C:\srcds\css\cstrike\maps" points to your map directory.

Then change the "set runcmd=..." line in the "SRCDS Guardian 3.0"-script: replace the mapname with %mapName% and you are done.
For example, mine became:

set runcmd=C:\srcds2\css\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike -maxplayers 20 -port 27016 +map %mapName% -autoupdate -verify_all

Lots of thanks to Mooga for his awesome "SRCDS Guardian 3.0" script!

Nice tip, will take note for some of our CSS guests!

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