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Lerp 31.0ms
Well guys i have a few servers running and i have 1 serer running zblock, Now my question is the one with zblock on it forces everyone to 31ms lerp

Now if i join a server with all my settings stock i have 100ms lerp but if i join a server with zblock it sets my lerp to 31ms

Now iam wondering how can i get all my servers to a default of 31ms with out installing zblock on them ?

Here are my settings

/ Performance config
sv_mincmdrate "30"
sv_maxcmdrate "66"
sv_minupdaterate "20"
sv_maxupdaterate "66"
sv_minrate "7500"
sv_maxrate "50000"
sv_client_min_interp_ratio "1"
sv_client_max_interp_ratio "2"
sv_client_cmdrate_difference "20"

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