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[Solved myself] No one can connect to my tf2 server
I got a Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway. I port fowarded 27015, 27016, 27020, 2015 and 2020 to my internal ip: I can connect properly but my friends can't Sad. I give me friends my internet ip which is and i gave them to see if the port is right but it seems that neither works i allowed it through my firewall and disabled my firewall fully. Any suggesstions? This is my tf2 dedicated server btw.

EDIT: Here is my server start up properties
C:\HLserver\orangebox\srcds.exe -game tf +hostport 27016 -ip +sv_lan 0 -maxplayers 16 -console -nohltv +map cp_5gorge

EDIT 2: Got it working Just took out the -ip and +hostport and turned it like this:
C:\HLserver\orangebox\srcds.exe -game tf +tv_port 27016 +sv_lan 0 -maxplayers 24 -console +map cp_dustbowl

Now my friends can connect everyone. Thanks a lot for the no help Toungue
Oh and please help quick Smile My friends and I will try to be patient

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