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Gmod 13 Server HELP!
Hello i want to get an online server, So I made a gmod13 server with Srcds went through every step.
I Port Forwarded My Ports |- 27015 - UPD/TPC |- Also When i start the server i get this msg-

My Start Line is - -game garrysmod +sv_defaultgamemode sandbox +map gm_construct +maxplayers 24

Anything Else That i need to know? + Gametracker Could Not Scan The Server. Please HELP!
Hello !
If you want to start a sandbox server, the "+sv_defaultgamemode" command is useless.
Then, your firewall is blocking SRCDS ? You need to unlock it and to open the port 27015 in your firewall or it will block external connexions attempts.
Gametracker will see the server only if your port 27015 is open.

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