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Questions about starting a TF2 server (sorry if this is the wrong section)
Hello so me and a few of my friends want to start a dedicated server but I would like to know a few things. I know you can rent a server so...

#1 What is the better sites to rent from?

#2 What ways can you make up for paying your server? (meaning I saw it is slightly expensive to run a server what ways can I get money back to cover the cost)

#3 Do you have as much control as you would a server run on your own machine? ( Like admin and stuff, control of your server)

Now if we wanted to make a dedicated server I have read plenty of guides on how to but, here are some questions...

#4 Is it better to run a linux server or windows? (I know linux can be run off more barbone machines)

#5 *** Big question *** What would be the requirements for a rig for a 24 player server? ( I would use a separate computer not the same one I play on)

Thank you with any help you can give. Much appreciated

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