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team fortress cannont change server name, cannot set tf_server_identity
I've been practicing with hosting servers for a few reasons, but I'm not going into that. Just keep in mind I'm not very experianced.

I cannot for the life of me change the name of my server. I have set it in the config files, but it doesn't show up in lan or online as that name. People can still connect to it, but it's just called "Team Fortress." I can find it easy enough in the server list because it shows up as the lowest ping game. It's also in my lan tab, but it's the same thing, just shows it as named "Team Fortress."

I have my host name set up like this in the server.cfg and the config_arena.cfg.

hostname "-Raz Gaming"

that wont be the final name, just a test name
what am I doing wrong here? the server is currently up and running if you'd like to look for yourself.

The other problem is that I can't log into steam match maker. Perhaps it isn't as simple as this, but I just pasted server Identity information at the bottom of server.cfg. I entered it in like this

tf_server_identity_account_id "insert id"
tf_server_identity_token "insert token number"

I have the numbers, I'm just not going to post it publicly.
I found that my server.cfg was actually named server.cfg.txt

now that that's over with, I have another problem. No one in my clan can log into rcon, not even me. I have it running on a computer in another room so everytime I need to change something I have to walk to it.

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