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Just a simple question of Requirements.
Hello everyone reading this thread, and thank you for entering it.

To start out with the basic info:

Server OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 / 2.53 GHz
Ram: 2GB
Game(s): PVKII , but irrelevant.
Start Up Command: Also irrelevant for my question.
Admin Mods: SourceMod, MetaMod.

Now, my question is, how many servers can I run with this awful PC?
I have a very great connection though. It's currently @ 50/50 mbit -
[Image: JWAXMvCC.png]

I'm currenlt running PVKII (a mod.. ), but I'm thinking to expand with 2 more servers. Is this possible while still remaining a low ping? (for the ones who're close to the server of course. In this case, Europe).


PS: Can anyone recommend a good Server Watcher? I have a "SRCDS Guardian", but it doesn't work very well. It doens't really recogonize when it closes..

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