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garrysmod server crash by mass spawning
I don't know where to be posting this for help If this is the wrong place please tell me where I need to post and I will delete this. I am hosting a garrysmod sandbox server using srcds. It runs fine till people start spawning stuff from the duplicator tool..... I don't know what its called, he added this thing where people can upload their creation and others can download it. Once people start spawning that stuff the server starts to lag and will crash. It may be because there spawning things the server does not have and causes stress. Is there away to fix this bug? or is it a bug Oo I know how to make the servers but not sure how to fix them properly.

there's this one error when people spawn something there's the chance its out of range and then clamps it Oo
So what you need to do is mess around with the server.cfg. There should be values for things like ragdolls, thrusters, etc. MESS WITH THE NUMBERS. Should people be allowed to have OVER 9000 ragdolls, or up to 20. If you need any additional help message me and good luck!
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