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every time i connect to my server/s i re dl files? but i already got them, howto fix
hi guys, so every time i reconnect to say 1 of my 3 servers i redl the exact same stuff, it dont matter what server it is, but im downloading stuff i've already downloaded time and time again....

any way to fix this? its a VPS, i got my 1 srcds folder with gmod, and i run 3 bats and 3 diff server cfgs from it all, etc, with diff game modes,

but since all files are together, i must download it all, which takes people like 4 mins to download, thing is, is AS said, when i rejoin the server after i d/c, i must DOWNLOAD them ALL again Sad

so how do i go about fixing this? i know theres a way.... i cant seem to find it when googling, Thanks!
Have you enabled FastDL? If so, make sure all custom files added to the server (sounds, materials and so on) are on the excact same dir on the FastDL server. If it is not, the game will pretend it does not have any of them, and download the whole thing once again when you join.

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