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Server Slot Question??
i would like to know how many slots i can use ?

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I run an 18 slot ZPS server off of a similar connection (20 down, 4 up) from West Palm Beach on Comcast (I see you're in Tampa, but with FIOS). Tampa FIOS is pretty fast, you shouldn't have too much of a problem, but remember, its still a residential ISP, and thus slower than a datacenter.

My 18 slot server will use around 1.5mbps upload when its full. Your game/rate settings might see different amounts of data.
ok so if i wanna run 2 servers what can i run my slots to the max to ?
we need to know these things to find how many slots:
upload/download speed:
CPU speed and cores:
# of slots you would prefer to have:

post these and I will calculate your server rates and slots you can use

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