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Segfaults on Arch Linux in ZPS
Server OS: Arch Linux 64-Bit Jan 25th Version
Processor: It's on Amazon, so it's a Xeon in xen.
Ram: 2 GB
Game(s): Zombie Panic Source
Start Up Command: screen -dmS zps ./srcds_run -game zps -autoupdate -debug +maxplayers 24 +map zpl_armory2
Admin Mods: Mani and Source Mod with Say Sounds and HLStatsCXE

All of my stats and SQL/web stuff are done on a separate server. I have Arch stripped down to the bare minimum using a CK kernel with a brainfuck scheduler. It was crashing on segfaults like now before the move to Arch and the new kernel, so I doubt the kernel is causing it. My guess is the instance isn't powerful enough although it runs extremely well insofar as lag is concerned. The crashes seem to happen randomly with or without lots of people on the server. The server does nothing but run one single srcds.

Here is my core dump and debug.log:

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