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Problem Viewing gameinfo, Players Cant Connect Through SteamFriends & Invites
Posting this here because i got no help or answer from steam

Hi all, im running dedicated css servers since 2007. Its a windows 2003 64 bit, Six Core Phenom 2.9 GHz AMD Processor- 8 gb of ram.
Quote:C:\css\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +ip ***.***.***.134 +net_public_adr ***.***.***.134 +maxplayers 22 +map de_dust2 -port 27015

One of the sourcemod team told me to add the +net_public_adr, but it didn't helped, so i kept it.
I have sourcemod and mani admin runing on the server

Bandwidth 1 gb, Network Intel Gigabite CT Desktop

The serverbox is from chicago

I'm renting the serverbox and i have 5 ip addresses from the same serverbox.
There is no virus program installed and the windows firewall is disabled.
New format is made on the serverbox with no luck. the gateway, subnet, tcp the whole protocol is correct.
I even forced the server company to have a check and test on the ips.

I'm runing 3 css servers and 2 csgo.

The ips are:


So if i connect to the second ip which is 131 , if you right click on my name or any players who are in the server from the steamfriends to view gameinfo, it shows that im or they are in the first ip which is 130.

No matter what port i add, if i change the ports from 27015 up to 30, it will always shows that we are in ip 130.
Even if i connect to the forth ip which is 134, it will shows that im in the ip 130 anyway.
So forwarding ports have nothing to do.

If you search for my servers they dont show up except the ip 130.

The sv_lan is o
The sv_region was 255 and i changed it to -1 with no luck.

Any player can join the server if they have the servers saved on their favorite list.

My deathmatch server 000.***.***.131:27015 used to be ranked 1. Had players on it 24/7. Now the server is dead. Players can't join from steqamfriends. If you invite them to join any of my ips, it will connect them to the main ip wich is 130

those ips for csgo servers :

and if i join any of them, if you look at the steamfriends, you can see im playing csgo, but if you right click on my name to view game info, it shows that im in ip 130. Also if you search for my csgo servers they dont show up but if you already have the ips, you can add them to your favorite list and connect without problem.

::MOTD Issue::
If you start your steam, and connect to a server, if you type motd, it doesn't pop up, if you connect to other servers, then the motd pops up, and if you connect back to the first server you was in, the motd will pop up normal.

I asked many server owners. Some of them saying the problem is from steam since almost a year, but i still dont believe. I just want to make sure is not from my side.

I tried everything i could think about. reinstalled the servers.

added // Server ip
ip 000.000.***.131

// Server host port
hostport 27015

to the server.cfg file , and in the command line with no luck .

I hope you guys can help me. I hope the problem is not from my side.

I have been manging servers since 2004. I have never had any problem like this before.

Sorry for the bad grammar

I hope i get reply from you soon.

thanks in advance

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