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L4D2 DS down due to update
I have been running my dedicated servers for years without issue (Minus the issues I caused myself.. its trial and error). The new L4D2 update has caused an Application Error and crash every time a lobby connects. I have re-installed everything, updated everything, even deleted and reinstalled the server files themselves. I have started the server with vanilla settings, even took out my server.cfg file to run in vanilla mode. Nothing works. Here's the kicker: the server still runs fine when you direct connect through console. You can even connect off my steam friends list name and get into the server, however, without lobby connections the versus is pretty pointless.

This isn't limited to my servers. From what I have been told and have seen, most privately owned dedicated servers are down due to similar issues.

If you have any ideas, please let me know! Thanks!
Do you have any error logs you can post for clarification?

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