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server works on one pc not the other
hello there
the server works on a pc with i3 2.1ghz
6gb ram
windows 7 64 bit
no graphics card

but refuses to work on a normal desktop
pentium 4 3.1 ghz
4 gb ram
windows xp
no graphics card

the ports should be completely forwarded since its works on my pc
ive really run out of ideas here i know rcon works on my real pc
but on the non working one not at all. hlsw says that it is online but thats only for me i suppose.

sourcemod the latest beta
metamod latest beta

help would be appreciated as i want to get back up and running as soon as possible
forgot to mention its tf2
just a reminder, you do know that although your external IP address is the same for both computers, your internal IP address is not...

in other words, you have to port forward again with the "normal" computer's internal IP as well.
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