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Couple of questions
Hello everyone am dragons and am a noob at setting up ervers and my friend that owns a company told me to come here. is this where i get help to set up a css server?! is this where i get help with FTP/Filezila? also what is srcds?!
and is this where i get help to put plugins into my server and etc..?!
Whats the difference between linux and windows? last question.
i can use all tutorials if i buy a server from a server host right?!>
and what server host should i get the server from! any recommendation?! i want it to be cheap,

Thank you and am sorry for being stupid
You can find many guides on setting up a game server and using an FTP on google/youtube. If you take the time to search then you will eventually find what you're looking for.

Depending on the type of game server you run there are tons of different admin mods that come with tons of plugin support. For games that run on the GoldSrc engine you want to use amxmodx. For games that run the OrangeBox or Source engine you want to use sourcemod.

The difference between Windows and Linux varies. Windows is easier to use and some find it more stable. Linux is more light weight and faster when it comes to hosting game servers and web servers, which is why most companies use it. Only downfall to Linux is it's complexity and many people don't know how to manage it.

If you rent a game server from a gsp they usually provide you with a control panel that allows you easy access to the server itself, unless you're planning on renting out a dedicated server or virtual private server.

There are so many game server companies that you can choose from to rent a server. My favorite game server host has to be Gameservers since I've been using them for a very long time. They offer you cheap servers at a great price per slot.
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I would be happy to help you setup a SRCDS server if you would like. The download aside, through teamviewer I should be able to get everything completely up and running within two hours.
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