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DODS SERVER only showing as LAN
I have an old dual core laptop here with 3 gigs of ram and I wanted to make it into a single DODS dedicated server. I have made many dedicated servers before on actual server machines that are made for 10-15 dedicated servers, I have had no issues.

It has to be something in windows 7, but I'll let whoever can help me be the judge. I have no problem installing server 03 or xp if it may work better.

Windows7 32bit
3GB ddr2
AMD Athelon dual-core Q62 2.00GHZ

(Both working properly)

Anyway here's the issue:

I start the server (HLDSUPDATETOOL) with a command line that looks like this:

C:\dod\tool\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game dod +map dod_anzio +maxplayers 32 -autoupdate

It starts and picks the same network I.P. and port every time on port 2715 which seems ok, since it doesn't change.

(The IP of the machine Iits running on is

Then it tells me the external ip is and I'm assuming port 27015.

It then tells me that it's registered with steam servers and blah blah just like any other server I've done, as if it's workin fine.

I've forwarded ports:

UDP 1200
UDP 27000 - 27015
UDP 27020
TCP 27030 - 27039
TCP 27015

to ip address (The server ip address not the machine)

I have put the computer IP and the server IP into the DMZ on the router as well and disabled the windows firewall.

I can see the server and play on it under LAN from another computer on the network but no one can see it if they search for the external ip and neither can I from my computer.

UPDATE: I can get the server now if I go to favourites and type in the external IP and port, the name of it doesn't show up and it tells me that it's not responding but I can connect. I can also see the game details if I right click on the server and click view info. Keep in mind that this is from a computer that can also see it as a LAN server. (I've attached screenshots)

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