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GMOD 13 Server: Adding Weapons
I am trying to add CSS Realistic weapons into my SRCDS server but how do I do it? Do I get it from the workshop on GMOD and go into my addons and take the GMA file and put it into my server addons?
If you've downloaded the workshop.vdf file, all you have to do is drop that file into the garrysmod>orangebox>garrysmod directory. Then, edit that file. All you need to do is number the addon, and find the ID for the addon from the workshop. Then, use // then the addon name. I will show you a copy of the code inside my workshop.vdf file. You can create your own and copy/paste the code if you want. (Still new to the SRCDS forums, so no code brackets)


"1" "104486940" // GM_BigCity
"2" "104523837" // Innercity
"3" "105069712" // Space Suit

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