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Gamemode change for GMod 13 SRCDS
Hey guys, I'm trying to make a private RP server for me and a couple of friends and I'm finding it near impossible to change the gamemode. I've downloaded the latest DarkRP from here: and it won't work.

My .bat script:
@echo off
cd c:\srcds/orangebox
echo Starting game server.
echo Beginning "Garry's Mod"
srcds.exe -console +map rp_downtown_v4c -game garrysmod +maxplayers 45 +ip -port 27015 -gamemode darkrp
echo "Garry's Mod" has now started.
echo It is recommended that you start Server Crash Recovery aswell.

My server.cfg
hostname           "darkrp private server"
sv_defaultgamemode "darkrp"
rcon_password      "gggggg"
sbox_noclip        "0"
sbox_godmode       "0"
sbox_plpldamage    "0"
rp_toolgun         "1"
sbox_maxprops      "1000"
sbox_maxragdolls   "0"
sbox_maxeffects    "0"
sbox_maxdynamite   "0"
sbox_maxlamps      "0"
sbox_maxthrusters  "0"
sbox_maxwheels     "4"
sbox_maxhoverballs "0"
sbox_maxvehicles   "0"
sbox_maxbuttons    "20"
sbox_maxemitters   "0"
sbox_maxspawners   "0"
sbox_maxturrets    "0"

My autoexec.cfg:
log on
sv_defaultgamemode "darkrp"
sv_scriptenforcer 1

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
Try to add this at srcds.exe Smile

-console -game garrysmod -port 27015 +map *mapname* +maxplayers *players* +gamemode DarkRP +sv_defaultgamemode "DarkRP"

Or add this in the srcds console after it loaded

changegamemode (map) DarkRP

Goto orangebox\garrysmod\cfg
Make a file called autoexec.cfg
Open autoexec.cfg with notepad.
On a free line type gamemode darkrp or whatever gamemode you need.
If it doesent work, check if you spelled the gamemode name correct in autoexec.cfg

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