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srcds error
hi, this is my first post and i hope someone can help. when ever i try
to run source multiplayer dedicated server it crashes with the error in the link

Problem Event Name: BEX

from what i can tell BEX error means "Data Execution Prevention" or "Indicates a buffer overflow" the setting for this can be found in the control setting and i have all programs enabled to use this.
so why am i getting this error ?

Also i have used the hldupdatetool which updated my files but i havent been able to resolve this problem.i would really like to run my own server, if anyone can help i would be grateful thanks
I could try to help you find the problem through teamviewer. I think I need to see everything to really know what is going on.
Experienced SRCDS server host and leader of The World of NOPE [TWoN].

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