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Help please trying to create a gmod server.
I'm not a 12 year old kid so please dont start with that i've been reading a lot on the forums and most of the people that cant figure it out are apparently 12 year olds...
(I'm making a darkrp server)

whenever i connect to my server it says failed to connect. my ports are forwarded fine, thats not the problem
Tell us more about your problem.

And tell us your system specs Smile
Can other people connect to your server? I'm having a Issue where people can connect easily to my server but I can't join my own server...
How ever I can join other servers just fine.
1. Don't play games on the server you are hosting.

2. If that's not the issue, personal chat with me and I can audio chat and teamviewer ( your computer. I'll show you every step along the way to making the server. Including configuration.
Experienced SRCDS server host and leader of The World of NOPE [TWoN].

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