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Any direct downloads for srcds.exe?

I'm trying to set up a dedicated server for Left 4 Dead on Steam and I'm using hldsupdatetool to get all the files and stuff.

I'm missing the server.cfg and srcds.exe. I can make my own server.cfg but I can't seem to find srcds.exe. Everything was downloaded in the same place and it's not showing up.

Here's the command line

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Valve\HLServer\HldsUpdateTool.exe" -command update -game l4d_full -dir C:\left_4_dead_shortcut -verify_all

I also tried

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Valve\HLServer\HldsUpdateTool.exe" -command update -game left4dead -dir C:\left_4_dead_shortcut -verify_all

Bottom line: Is there any DIRECT download to srcds.exe? My OS is Windows 7, 4 GB RAM. If there is, I would very much appreciate a link of some sort.


I tried re-downloading to the same location by using a shortcut and somehow a folder was made in C:\Program and all the stuff was there, including srcds.exe.

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