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Strange errors don't know how to title it
Server OS: Windows server 2003 r2 standard edition 64 Bit
Processor: E3 1230v2 3.3GHz 8 logical cores
Ram: 8GB
Game(s): TF2/Garry's Mod
Start Up Command: default commands listed on the wiki's
Admin Mods: None.

The servers work fine if i delete the bin and then update and run tf2

tf2 works when i do that but then gmod breaks

vice versa

Garry's Mod error
[Image: 1CWJR.png]

TF2 error
[Image: 1CWLU.png]
Update your servers using the updater batch file you have.
If you don't have them, I'll supply them:

Batch update file code (Make a new text document, paste the code in, then save it as [GAME NAME HERE] Updater.BAT. You NEED the .bat or it will not work. Both files must be separate, unless you want my universal game batch updater.):


@echo off
cd C:\SRCDS\
echo Starting to update Garry's Mod!
hldsupdatetool -command update -game garrysmod -dir C:\SRCDS\servers\garrysmod -verify_all -retry
echo Update has completed!

FILE 2: TF2:

@echo off
cd C:\SRCDS\
echo Starting to update TF2!
hldsupdatetool -command update -game tf -dir C:\SRCDS\servers\tf -verify_all -retry
echo Update has completed!
Also, ensure your servers are separate from one another. Make dedicated server folders for each.

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