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Not opening, with .bat or without?
Are there some config files I need to delete that aren't in the main folder? Whenever I open the program file, either from the custom .bat OR the Steam overlay, nothing happens. In the overlay, it shows me in game for a few seconds and then goes back to normal. In the overlay, it just gives me the "SRCDS closed or crashed, restarting" message.

I've uninstalled/deleted my SRCDS folder multiple times with no luck. Validating doesn't do anything, either, and I've got a server up before. I just can't since the Wave 666 MvM update, and neither can my friends.

What do I do?

EDIT: Sorry, got the file name wrong. .bat, not .bin. Also, right, This stuff.

Server OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit
Processor: Quad-core.
Ram: 4GB.
Game(s): TF2, but that shouldn't matter.
Start Up Command: start /wait srcds.exe -console -steam -game tf +maxplayers 32 +verify_all +sv_lan 0 +tf_mvm_min_players_to_start 1 +map mvm_coaltown +sv_password F/F/T3K +mp_maxrounds 100 +mp_timelimit 999 +tf_server_identity_account_id (removed) +tf_server_identity_token "(removed)"
Admin Mods: None.

Update: Okay, this is getting really weird. Tried the HLDSUpdateTool, and it even it made the directory folders I told it to...with nothing in them. (Edit: Okay, that was fixed. SRCDS still won't run, though.)

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