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Recruiting codder / programmer / web developer
Hi guys,
I'm currently looking for people willing to join the administrative team of my community as a:
- sourcemod codder
- web developer
- C# programmer to develop SteamBot

You will be requested to customize or develop little plugins every now and then, or maybe something bigger, We're willing to pay something for bigger projects but don't expect to be paid hundreds of dollars monthly. We are essentially looking for someone that wants to do it, not just because of the money, but because genuinely enjoys doing it as much as we like to see that players like what we create!

Anyone interested please PM me.
Im a web devoloper, i can make websites. Im also pretty gooD with srcds if you need someone like that, email me at or msg me on steam [TCX]grilledchese
I am very experienced with Sourcemod, although I do not really know C#, I guess if someone worked with me on it I can be an assistant. I don't do anything special with websites but at one point I knew HTML, I can refresh my memory. Just note, my specialty is anything and everything to do with Sourcemod. I know how to edit Sourcemod plugins but have never made a Sourcemod plugin before, I just know the ins and outs of Sourcemod pretty well. Anyhow I hope I can help =D
Experienced SRCDS server host and leader of The World of NOPE [TWoN].

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