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[Solved] Best way to setup reserve slots on TF2
Hey guys,

Taking a look at setting up some reserve slots. As I mentioned in another post today I have a really small group/clan on Steam. I want to be able to let it run and let it get full of people, but then I want to kick people off when my group/clan members join. I know there are plugins for this thing called sourcemod that would do it. Is that the best way? Are there better or worse plugins for that? What do you tend to use?

As a sidenote - how do I set myself as an admin on my server? (From TF2's point of view, not on the server itself where I am root and, thus, admin)

Thank you again,
OK, ended up doing sourcemod. Haven't finished completely setting it up yet, but I do have it working. Still, I'd like to know if others thing this is the best way to do this or there's another way.

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