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sourcemod/metamod wont work (need help)

when i add the metamod.vdf file the hole SRCDS server wont work it just pop up and then it go down but if i dont have the metamod.vdf it works fine. need help Smile

regards BBA

ps: it looks like this when i put in the metamod.vdf file
Make sure that you're using the most up to date version of sourcemod and metamod. Next you want to make sure that you select the correct game when creating the metamod.vdf file.

May I ask what game you're hosting a server for, it will help in figuring out your problem.
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I think the metamod.vdf is fine, but the problem is in the sourcemod.vdf ithink :/ need help please Smile
bba do u need help
updating usually fixes the problem, use the development snapshots
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Make sure you've actually went to both sites to get metamod and sourcemod. Another thing, make sure you've selected the correct OS for SM.

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