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That's the problem with hosting a server with a dynamic IP, you should call up your internet provider and ask them for a static IP address.
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give your self a static ip.

Goto your cmd (goto start->search for "cmd") write "ipconfig" you will get a list of stuff. locate the "IPv4 Address" let's say its then locate the "Default Gateway"
Goto Network & Sharing center -> Local Area Connection -> Properties ->IPv4 Properties -> check "Use the following IP-Address" write in "IP address" (should be an ip that is not used) for "Subnet mask": for "Default Gateway": the one you located before. For the "Preferred DNS server chose:

Press "ok" and your done! now you need to port forward the ports for TF2 in your router! and the ip will stay the same.

(This is what worked for me, with my minecraft server & CSS Server. If it doesn't work search on google how to make a static IP and if you dont know how to port forward use this: [You might want to choose your own router model])
Use "NoIP" it's an internet IP address that links to your Dynamic IP Address.

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