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[SOLVED]sv_downloadurl (Help me plz) (Screenshot Provided)
ok so i have a tf2 vsh server....i'm pretty much a noob at it but i still manage to do the best i can. So now, i'm trying 2 setup the fast download url thing. I was the whole day today tweeking around and file zilla but all the time it fails to download. Please help me out. We can meet over skype or add me on

In server.cfg the downloadurl was:

Skype: technomania101


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(11-01-2012, 03:35 AM)Ghost Assassin Wrote:

I'm tried that, but doesn't help....i have uploaded some screenshot

Plz help me if u can

i censored part of the link because it has a new map my friend created and he doesn't want 2 show everyone
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nvm, fixed it.
turns out capitalization counts
so instead of Maps in the website, i had 2 do maps.
tnkz for trying though
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