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Auto banning?
I run a couple of servers for team use only. 16 people use it, only a handful have the rcon details for lobbies etc.

I have installed MGEmod, Sourcemod, Metamod and the supplemental stats plugin but nothing else. I have not used Sourcemod for anything other than the stats plugin.

Last night, while logging in for a scrim, one of my teammates were kicked off the server. He couldn't log back in again. After several attempts at looking for any sort of ban list, I found his IP had been banned. (This happened once before on a different server, same person, not sure about IP) I removed him, he started to rejoin and he was kicked off again and I had to remove him. We jumped onto a second server (and later back to the first for a second scrim) and all was fine.

He isn't VAC banned and I can't find any suggestion to say he ever was, and I'm not sure if there are any ban logs, nothing was showing up in the server console.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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