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Where to install Jailbreak?
Okay so I'm trying to install Jailbreak Source but I dont understand what directory to put it in. Please help!
Could you please upload the contents of the readme file so I can read it to you?
(10-16-2012, 05:43 AM)loopyman Wrote:  Could you please upload the contents of the readme file so I can read it to you?

Jailbreak: Source
TITLE: Jailbreak: Source - A Half-Life II Mod!
AUTHOR: Jailbreak Team

FILENAME: jailbreaksource06.exe /
DATE RELEASED: 15th of January 2010

Richard "Dogmeat" Slaughter: Coding
Andrew "Wills" Wills: Mapping, Textures, Graphics, Skins, Weapon & Prop Modelling, Sounds, Voices
Rob "IZaNaGI" Molde: Mapping, Textures, Graphics, Skins, Weapon & Prop Modelling, Sounds
Axel "Azelito" Dahlstedt: HUD Graphics & Icons, Weapon Modelling (Rebel SMG)

Jahhur - Some sexy particle effects
PLGG - Voices, Additional Textures, Graphics, Ideas, Problem Solving
Colonel Sanders - Music and Soundtrack for all maps
Guessmyname - The Plague Execution
Sherbie - For the Icons, TTF Files and Crosshairs

Asskicker - Head Beta Tester, Administration, Sprays
Altaire - Beta Tester, Administration, Sprays and General Help
Winter - Beta Tester, General Help

Mike Gomersall - Main Menu and Deathball Music
Nyght - For creating the Deathball concept and I/O system
Guessmyname - For creating the King of the Hill concept and I/O system
Blink - For the hosting assistance over at Interlopers and for beta testing with us!
Stenchy, INtense and Henley at ModDB - For everything they've done to help promote Jailbreak!
Jahhur - For suggesting solutions to a few of the FPS sapping bugs in 0.6 and for Particle sexytime!
Steve Foster - For the music for the main Jailbreak Trailer.
Tony Sergi - For once again helping us out in the final stages of 0.5.
Lodle from GE:S - For helping fix a Steam related bug at the last second.

Guessmyname - Who won the "Make up a new Perk" competition with Bomb Boy!

Altaire, Asskicker, Blink, Colonel Sanders, damatman, DistortedGoat, Draken, Freshy Fresh, Guessmyname, GunnerBrian, Jahhur, Jayjack, Mastix, nipzor^, nyght, Oceed, op89x, Panther, PLGG, qpacman, Qu1f, Sherbie, SmokingAm2 and winter.

Unzip or Install Jailbreak to the following folder: Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/SourceMods

You must Install the latest Source SDK Base in order to play Jailbreak.

This can be installed via the Steam front-end. Simply click on the "Tools" tab and right click "Source SDK Base" from the list, then click Install.

The Orange Box SDK is NOT required to play Jailbreak Source 0.6.

Jailbreak is a modification for Half-Life 2, it's simple: Two teams, two jails. When you kill a member of the opposite team, they respawn locked up inside your jail. When a member of your team is killed, they respawn inside the enemy jail.

Your objective is to imprison every member of the enemy team. The twist is, you can break out members of your own team, by fighting your way to the enemy jail and opening the doors! The game goes back and forth until one team is entirely locked up, the losers executed (in a variety of customised ways), then the next round begins!

- Total Conversion
- Dinosaurs vs. Robots!
- Perks system: Create a custom class
- Point scoring system: Play your way!
- 3 Game Modes including Deathball and King of the Hill!
- 4 New Player Models
- 21 New Weapons
- New weapon selection system
- 12 Unique Maps
- New "Predator" Stealth
- Simple and Dynamic HUD modes
- Killing Sprees
- End of Match Awards
- Cinematic Executions & Escape Routes
- Quick Radio menu
- Weapon Swapping & Dropping
- Over 1000 custom textures
- Over 400 custom models
- All new custom sounds


- Major Changes:
-- 100% Total Conversion
-- Four new player models
-- New gamemodes: Deathball & King of the Hill
-- New weapon selection system
-- Four new maps

- New Maps:
-- Kimiko
-- Mizraim
-- Bleach
-- Deathball Arroyo

- Weapon Selection System:
-- Weapons are split into 4 categories
-- You swap weapons by pressing X
-- You also drop weapons by pressing X
-- Weapon switching is done by mouse scroll or numbers
-- Gravity Gun and Medigun are now only accessible by G and Z

- New HUD Updates
-- Triangle for Release buttons
-- Square for Bases
-- Circle for Objectives / Deathball
-- Mapper specified Marker names
-- Updates to all HUD fonts
-- Marker visible distance set by mapper

- Escape Route Updates:
-- Escapes only open after a specified time
-- Escapes close immediately after a Release
-- Designed to force Mass Escapes or Releases

- Execution Updates:
-- Players can now respawn in a specified area
-- Winners must execute all the losers within a certain time
-- If one member of the losing team stays alive, losers gain 10 points each
-- Mappers can build any type of contraption to aid the winners
-- Mappers can specify if Winners/Losers or both teams spawn with weapons
-- Losers remaining counter is displayed on the Winners HUD
-- Added multiple chained cameras for executions

- Weapon Updates:
-- New Automatic Shotgun
-- New Grenade Launcher
-- New Sticky Launcher
-- New Rocket Launcher
-- New Railgun

-- Silenced Pistol is now burst fire
-- Weapons now have different crosshairs
-- Teams now have team specific hands
-- Animation updates to all weapons
-- New sounds for several weapons

- Sound Updates:
-- New Announcer Voices
-- Soundtracks added to most maps
-- New main menu soundtrack
-- Team specific death sounds
-- Robot and Dinosaur Voices
-- New "One Minute to Lockdown" warning
-- New "Execute Them!" voice
-- New "Execution Succesfull!" voice
-- New "Execution Failed!" voice
-- New Automatic Shotgun sound
-- Updated Rebel Rifle sound
-- Made Silenced Pistol louder

- Visual Updates:
-- New "Predator" style Stealth Shader
-- Redesigned VGUI Menus
-- New Main Menu Background
-- Blue muzzle flashes for Robot Weapons
-- Red muzzle flashes for Dinosaur Weapons
-- Accuracy of Crosshairs fixed
-- Phong, Normal and Specular maps added to materials and models

- Optimisation Updates:
-- Multiple LODs for all player models
-- Multiple LODs for all weapons models
-- Multiple LODs for several complex prop models
-- All round map optimisation
-- Significant model fading throughout
-- In total, an increase of 30% FPS on all maps

- Map Changes:
-- Arroyo:
--- New Cinematic Executions
--- New escape routes
--- Tweaked weapon placements

-- Abalos:
--- Complete lighting overhaul
--- Tweaked escape route balance
--- New British Bulldog Execution

-- Deepcore:
--- Lighting overhaul
--- New textures throughout
--- New BBD Execution
--- Reduce Turrets
--- Reduced clutter
--- Escape Route tweaks
--- Widened entrances to bases
--- Added Underwater Glass textures
--- Removed Area Portals causing door glitches

-- Iridium:
--- New Cinematic Executions
--- Lighting updates
--- Changes to 3D Skybox
--- Fixed EOF error in Soundscape

-- Madesco:
--- New Cinematic Executions
--- Lighting updates
--- Changes to 3D Skybox
--- Escape Lockdown added to reduce round length
--- Widened escape exits

-- Metropolis:
--- Completely new escape route for Robots
--- Optimisation throughout
--- Clipped inaccessible areas

-- Plague:
--- Entirely new layout
--- New Cinematic Executions
--- Lighting updates, much brighter and more colour
--- Clipped inaccessible areas

-- Woodneck:
--- Rebalanced escapes again
--- Added BBD Execution
--- Slightly altered layout for balance
--- New 3D Skybox
--- Lighting updates
--- Completely changed weapons spawns

- Other Changes:
-- Added Most Melee Kills award
-- New methods for Stealth
--- No longer affected by speed
--- The more erratic you move, the more visible you become
--- Slow chameleon effect blends you into darker areas
-- All escapes balanced further
-- Escape route difficulty now depends on round length of map
-- Escapes have timers and open/close a set time after a release

- Bug Fixes:
-- Fixed various HUD bugs
-- Fixed weapons sticking in air when dropped on some maps
-- Grenade Icon fixed
-- Crosshair Accuracy fixed
-- Majority of console errors in maps fixed
-- All VMT and QC errors fixed
-- All unnecessary files trimmed
-- All Cubemaps and Texture errors fixed

Thank you so much for downloading our mod... The four of us (along with a few contributors) have had an absolutely blast developing this version over the last six months, and developing Jailbreak in general over the last two years... It's been awesome fun, and I suspect as you read this, we'll have already begun developing Jailbreak 0.7! We look forward to seeing you on the servers!

So yeah I still dont understand what directory to put the 'Jailbreak' folder in. I've never used Jailbreak so I wouldn't have a clue as to where to put it.
What is the readme file in the .zip file? This doesn't have any useful information.
just innstall it into cstrike i remember... or read the readme!! cant be to hard
(10-19-2012, 09:29 AM)brian123 Wrote:  just innstall it into cstrike i remember... or read the readme!! cant be to hard

Yeah I figured out where to put it in the end. Now there is another problem, every time I start SRCDS with the line

c:\srcds\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game Jailbreak

I get this error Sad

Console Initialised
ConVarRef mat_dxlevel doesn't point to an existing ConVar
Steam_: Saved dump file to 'DumpFileNameWouldBeHere'

To which I don't have a clue because I have -verify_all many times but still get this error?
CSS isn't garrysmod and doesn't use gamemodes.

You dont have to specify it in the command line. Just start it like you would with any jailbreak map.
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(10-20-2012, 07:40 AM)loopyman Wrote:  CSS isn't garrysmod and doesn't use gamemodes.

You dont have to specify it in the command line. Just start it like you would with any jailbreak map.

I still get this error?

Console Initialised
ConVarRef mat_dxlevel doesn't point to an existing ConVar
Steam_: Saved dump file to 'DumpFileNameWouldBeHere'

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