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SRCDS problem
I am trying to setup a CSGO dedicated server, and honestly this is alot harder than I remember 10 years ago.

I followed a tutorial on how to do this and still can not even get it to start!!

this is the tutorial I followed:

The problem I am have starts at step "Starting the CS:GO Server"
nothing happens when i try to open srcds.exe (does not even start a process in taskmgr.exe)

Any help would be great!

here is a screen shot of the error message.
[Image: 2u9331f.jpg]
I used this guide to install/update the cs go server.

I used this guide to create a batch file to launch the server.

This method of install and updating a server is new. It's not called a srcds anymore, but steamcmd. Steamcmd is for cs go. The other games use srcds.

You need to create a batch file or icon shortcut or use third party software to launch the server. Everything your doing in the screenshot is wrong.
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