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Game.dll loaded for "messed up name" then crashes
I'll post an image of the exact message, as I've used the 'pause|break' key and in Windows CMD I cannot copy the exact text and have no idea how to replicate the exact characters.

[Image: srcds.png]

I've updated to the latest SRCDS and Garrys Mod 13, do you think something is corrupted? There's no such thing Game.dll, so I have no idea what dll exactly it's referring to.

Thanks, Turbine.
I got a similar error but different weird letters. I also updated my SRCDS and gmod 3:
[Image: weird.png]
Have you tried to reinstall your server? Delete the server files (The entire folder) and run your updater again. Works for me when I get crap like that.
Just re-run your update utility.
I've had this before.
Just ensure you have the -verify_all tag for HLDSUT, or validate for SteamCMD.

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