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Hey guys, I installed my server but this keeps popping out:

What is your specifications of your pc?

RAM, OS etc.
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Windows 8
Processor 3.7
8gb Ram
3tb/128 sdd
gtx 480

It's a scrim server, so I know it can handle it because I've made this server like a month ago, then I reformatted and now it doesnt run for that reason, which I have no clue what could that be.
It has nothing to do with the specifications of his PC. I'm assuming you have sourcemod/metamod setup on your scrim server. If so I would try updating to a latest snapshot version of sourcemod here; . I highly recommend using 1.5.0 so this problem doesn't occur again.

If you're using an outdated version of metamod, I recommend updating to the latest version which is 1.9.0 here;

Good luck.
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Worked. Thank you so much!!

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