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TF2 crashes on non standard maps

i have a problem with my newly started TF2 servers. They keep crashing with the following error message:
PreMinidumpCallback: updating dump comment.

I have 4 server, one 2fort only, and 3 with non standard maps, only the non standard maps servers keep crashing with this error. but i cant seem to find something concrete that can fix it.

Server OS: Debian 3.2.0-3-amd64
Processor: Intel i7 2600 3.4ghz, HT
Ram: 16 GB
Game(s): Running CS:S, CS 1.6, CS:GO and TF2. Problems with TF2
Start Up: ./srcds_run -console -game tf +map surf_10x_reload_tf2 +maxplayers 32 +fps_max 1000 -tickrate 100 -secure -ip -port 30020 ( for a surf server)
Admin Mods: Metamod, Sourcemod. other major, sourcebans and hlstatsx.

Hope someone has some ideasSmile

Thanks !


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