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What hardware for running multiple CS:GO servers?
Hi, I am planning to host multiple CS:GO servers on the same machine. I am now wondering what hardware would be suitable for this? Say I would want to host ten servers with 10 slots each. Would a 3770K for example suffice or would I have to go up to 6 or 8-core?

And how does the AMD FX-8 series do against the intel CPU's in this scenario? The cheapest intel CPU with 6 cores is around 500 euros here while I can get an AMD with 8 cores for 120 euros. Also, how much RAM would be required and what would be the optimal drive solution? Is it possible to run it all on a single SSD or would the writes ruin the drive?

Well you'll be looking at maybe 2-3 csgo servers per 1gb of ram and core. If you want to run 10+ servers then I would look into getting 6-8 cores and more than 12 gb of ram.
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