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Team Fortress 2 Uknown command
Hey, am new to this forum and i have installed Sourcemod and metamod. For some reason when i type sm_admin to my console i would get a ''unknown command''. Heres a picture, I am trying to install Sourcemod admin to my Hamachi server, But i don't know if i did it right, can someone help me? Thanks Big Grin
What do you mean by installing SourceMod to your Hamachi server?
As far as I know, it's not possible to install that sort of mods to Hamachi.
Don't say you doesn't have enough time. Just do it!
The command to test metamod is "meta list" not "metalist"

And make sure you have metamod source installed too.
I Have Tried, meta list and it still dosent work.. idk whats going on
That means you didn't install metamod and sourcemod right. Go through the wiki installation again and follow it carefully.
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