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Server Crashing...

Server OS: Vista32
Processor: 2.0ghz 2core
Ram: 2gb
Game(s): hl2dm
Start Up Command: GUI
Admin Mods: none yet

Bandwidth: DSL 30.000
Router: Netgear FM114P
Local IP of Server:
External IP: not running

i made a Selfmade map on the Original HL2 Engine (no CSS EP1 EP2 or something) wich is really big and has NO Errors, compiling works etc... even running in HL2 SP smooth without bugs...

and soon someones gonna host a server when its finished, but so far i tried my own "home-server" to test if it even loads it.

i already have a professional Server@home WIN (no linux, haters gonna hate) with apache/php etc.. for hosting pictures, files etc.. so i used these and created a server under c:\Hlserver no problems...

i start the server OK.
i connect to the Server from my other computer or someone Outside OK.
Friends connect, no bugs, laggs or anything OK.
now i actually move the map to "c:\Hlserver\orangebox\hl2mp\maps\" same for Materials and Models (to .\Materials and .\Models duh... im no nub) OK

when i launch the server with the map Devtest now he runs but shows no map and noone can connect to it saying there is no server... now when i launch the server with a Standard DM_ Map and change to "map Devtest" the server just shuts down and the SRCDS (Server tool) just crashed without error or... any Crashlog (or im too stupid to find it) whilst connected to the server the console on my main computer just outputs "Disconnect: Server shutting down.

Queued Material System: DISABLED!

any help would be appreciated Smile)

almost forgot the Crash Dump file Exported with windbg as Text

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