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CS:GO SourceMod problem

i set up cs:go Server and metemod MeteMod: Sourcev1.9.0-dev with it. Also i want to set up Soucmod but whenever i try to download and install sourcemod, the server doesn't start working

it stops working and doesn't continue working again when the server is started ;

---- Host_NewGame ----
Unknown command "sv_show_bot_difficulty_in_name"
Host_NewGame on map de_dust2
L 09/15/2012 - 16:59:01: -------- Mapchange to de_dust2 --------

i have seen in a firm that Metemod source v1.9.0.-devV, SourceMod v1.5.0-dev+3638, they have these and all these work perfect. I use centos 6.3.64 bit

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