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Having trouble making my server appear on the master list - Garry's Mod 13 Beta
First off, I've gotten everything installed as far as I can tell. Games are up to date and the server will show up on LAN. Here's an image of the batch operation and server console window, perhaps I'm not seeing something that would be important to figure this out:

[Image: 2vD72.png]

(Obviously I haven't done a lot of customization as far as map/gamemode/player count goes, but that's something I can deal with once the server actually starts appearing on the master list)

Seriously, any help would be great. I'll post screenshots or copy/paste as needed, I'd love to get this working.
Have you tried including -ip in your start up command line?
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Yes. When I do that, I get a pop-up message saying "Couldn't allocate any server IP port." I have ports 27000-27050 TDP and 27000-27030 UDP forwarded so there really shouldn't be an issue with port forwarding. The command window closes when the error pop-up closes.
Im having the same issue now. It was working perfectly before but all the sudden stopped working. When I add the +ip in the command line I get the same error and when I remove that out of the cmd line and load up srcds I get local network play only on (host machine static set ip). I have the same external ip as before when it was working. All the required ports are set to open but some are shown as closed when I use

I was looking at and was wondering about the "bridge mode", is that referring to the modem in bridge mode or the router?

--What im using--
linksys E4200
mediacom cable
windows 64Bit
LAN servers will never appear in YOUR master list because they are located on your LAN and not the internet...

Your server is allocating a private IP / Port correctly using your startup command line. So now all you need to do is make sure any NAT devices on your network are set to forward ports to your servers LAN IP.

Then you should be able to connect via the LAN and everybody else via the internet.
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