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Need help with srcds!
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My problem is that I cannot load srcds without a windows batch file but I need to be able to assign start parameters for my loading screen. If I start srcds from a shortcut it goes right to a CMD window and the srcds gui does not come up. But when I load srcds from my windows batch file the gui starts and no CMD window comes up.

(this is my batch file)
@echo off
echo Welcome to your dedicated server launcher
echo Make sure this .bat file is located in D:\srcds\orangebox
start srcds.exe -game garrysmodbeta -maxplayers 23 -port 27015 +gamemode darkrp +hostname blah blah
^this loads the srcds green looking GUI

But when I start srcds from my desktop shortcut it only loads a CMD window.

note- both methods of starting srcds work but I can only use one or the other to manage the server.

Is there a way to use both at the same time?

*edit here is a picture of the gui that im getting.
[Image: 34pgf47.jpg]

You know what the CMD window looks like so I wont insult your intelligence.
I don't think it would be possible to use both on the same server. You should pick the one that you feel the most comfortable in using to manage the server.

The GUI mode in the picture you posted has a console window already there which is similar to the cmd window mode.
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