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Cs: Go SERVER problem :(
I am working on making a new Global Offensive server.

1. I downloaded "SteamCMD" and installed it in a folder for itself.
2. I log in with my steam in SteamCMD command prompt, and install server with
Quote:force_install_dir c:\go\
3. After the command is entered, I'll type
Quote:app_update 740 validate
4. Command prompt start to download to the selected destination, but the content looks completely wrong, and does not look like a server. I do not know what I'm doing wrong, and that's what I want to know. Have tried up to 10 times now, but the same error happens every time.

Actually, I've got this error, at the start of the installation.

Quote:CWinPerfCounters::Init<>:Failed to add \LogicalDisk<c:>\Avg. Disk Queue Length to perfomance monitoring.

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