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Running 2 tf2 servers on one network?
Hi there, I recently made a post on my website saying that there is a new server coming and its going to be an mvm server.. But the problem is.. i host them on the same network. and everytime people try to join it goes to my first server. not the mvm one. they are hosted on 2 different computers as well.. is there any way i can run 2 tf2 servers on the same network?

I have the ports different as well am i missing something here?

Please help! ;-;

**This really means alot to me to get this up and running :c**
You guys are such a great help later.
What's your startup command line for each server?

Did you include the -ip for each server along with the -port?

So basically, your hosting two server on two separate computers using the same network?

Did you port forward each server? They have different internal ips.
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